What is the duty of each office in General Inspectorate Department

30 Oct 2014

Declaration number 218 MOC/SM2007 dated on July 18, 2007:

  • Article 2: Office of technical administrative inspection in charges​ of:

  1. Inspect the implementation of principles, policy, laws, sub degrees, decisions, circulars and the advisory of MOC leaders.

  2. Inspect all activities, implementation, position and duties of every sector and division which is covered by MOC.

  3. Make report to MOC leaders about activities and working results by weekly, monthly, trimester and yearly.

  • Article 3: Office of Accounting and Financial Inspection in charge of:

  1. Inspect the balance and implementation of income-outcome of the state budget.

  2. Inspect the implementation of accounting, finance and cash of MOC and branch offices.

  3. Inspect the management of the state property, using material, capital, credit and budget of MOC and branch offices.

  4. Cooperate and facilitate to delegates who come to inspect the MOC.

  • Article 4: Office of Dispute Inspection in charge of:

  1. Survey and receive letters related to internal and international commercial dispute, and then raise the ideas to MOC leaders to decide and make solutions following the law and regular

  2. Follow up and inspect the disputation of units covered by MOC

  3. Investigate, research and prepare document related to the disputation

  4. Create solutions and facilitate the internal and international commercial dispute

  5. Cooperate and facilitate to authorities who come to work at MOC

  6. Make report to the MOC leaders regarding the results of solving commercial disputes.

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