Who can participate in local and international trade fairs in foreign countries

29 Jan 2015


- Participation in local trade fair: we provide details of trade fair arrangements such as the name of trade fair, time, location, kind of product and service. Those who wish to participate in the event must register and fill in an application form, which also  highlights terms and conditions of commission of trade fair and relevant information such as product transportation to the location, customs procedures and other norms.

- Participation in international trade fair in foreign country: we provide details of trade fair arrangements such as kind of trade fair, country name, name of organizing commission and background of arrangement. The participation procedures, terms and condition, internal regulations, other expenses concerning the participation, accommodation, transportation, customs procedures and norms, in particular, the tendency and policy of the Government, composition of delegates participating in the business event.

- Work related to the design of provisional accommodation, topic of those events such as international trade fair, world expo and BIE and son on.

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