Administrative letter circulation

26 Jan 2015

Administrative letter circulation:


  • Outgoing letter: Administration Department has 02 offcials for delivery letter to all ministries and units.

  • incoming letter: Administration Department has 04 offcials to recieve letters at the counter which is located on the left side of entrance of the Ministry of Commerce building and record all the letters in the main book including the number and meaning, and also record them again into small book for delivery these letters to Administration Department.  Then, one of administrative official manages and distributes them to other departments by asking the recievers to sign as a proof. Administrative official records these letters into the small book in order to transfer them to MOC’s leaders, departments, units and official within Ministry of Commerce.

  • Invitation: Administration Department issues the internal invitation which is suggested by MOC’s leaders and Departments under Ministry of Commerce and deliver these invitations.

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