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Certificate of Origin

1. Introduction

A Certificate of Origin (C/O) is an official document used to certify the products originated, wholly obtained, produced or manufactured in a country. It is generally an integral part of import documents required by the imported countries.

At the time of carrying out the formalities for exporting the products under preferential treatment, the exporter or his authorized representative shall submit a written application for the Certificate of Origin together with appropriate supporting documents proving that the products to be exported qualify for the issuance of a Certificate of Origin. 

There are two type of Certificate of Origin: 

  • Non-Preferential 
  • Preferential

    2. Countries Required C/O

    • Cambodia issues various different types of Preferential Tariff Certificate of Origin:
    • ASEAN-Australia- New Zealand: Certificate of Origin form AANZ
    • China: Certificate of Origin form AC
    • India: Certificate of Origin form AI 
    • Korea: Certificate of Origin form AK 
    • Japan: Certificate of Origin form AJ 
    • Vietnam: Certificate of Origin form S 
    • General System of Preferences (LDC and LLDC): Certificate of Origin form A
    • Non-Preferential Tariff: Can be issued using Certificate of Origin form N

    3. How to apply for C/O

    The exporters need to apply for C/O at the Export-Import Department, Ministry of Commerce. The procedures of the application for Certificate of Origin could be found in Prakas No. 112 MOC/SM 2013 on Revision of Certificate of Origin Issuance Procedures.

    4. Fee of Applying for C/O

    Generally, the companies that apply for C/O need to pay for Export Management Fee (EMF), Public Service and Administrative Fee. The payment is illustrated as below:

    C/O Admin EMF Service
    Form N 30 USD EMF 8 USD
    Form A 50 USD EMF
    8 USD
    Other Form 50 USD EMF 8 USD

    For garment products under 2,000 PCS or Footwear under 200 PRS:

    C/O Admin EMF Service
    FormN 10 USD EMF 8 USD
    Form A 15 USD EMF
    8 USD
    Other Form 15 USD EMF 8 USD

    EMF is varied according to the products and exception for export of products at the value under 6,000 Euro for European countries and under 800 USD for other countries.

    5. Schedule to Launch the Automation System

    Ministry of Commerce establishes the automation system to facilitate the business of the private sector. One of the main components of Automation System is the online application of C/O. The C/O Application Online is on the trial from June 15, 2014 for the companies that do registration in this experiment project. The full automation system of C/O is expected to be carried out in early second semester of 2015. We strongly encourage all exporting companies to register to use this automation system.


    6. Contact Information

    Officials in charge of registration of using C/O application online:

    Contact Person Mobile Email
    Mr. SY Batith 012-948-484 batithsy@yahoo.com
    Mr. Sok Vanthol 012-595-616 vanthol@gmail.com
    Mr. KUN Dirang 017-880-103 dirangkun@hotmail.com
    Mr. SVAY Sophal 088-705-5535 sophal.svay@yahoo.com
    Mr. SOM Sothea 070-606-004 somsothea@gmail.com

    For suggestion or complaint related to problems of applying C/O Online:

    Contact Person Position Mobile
    Mr. HO Sivyong Director of Export-Import 012-838-909
    H.E. KAO Kosal General Director of Trade Support Services 0978378888

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