The MOC 101 Incubator is comprised of four phases.

> PHASE 1. BOOT CAMP. Think of boot camp like an audition for entrepreneurs. During an spirited one day workshop, individuals and teams will be challenged to pitch their idea, start up or existing business. There will be four boot camps. And at each bootcamp, only 25 or 26 pitches will be accepted into the incubator.  At the end of all four bootcamps, only 101 individuals and teams will be selected. 

> PHASE 2. INCUBATOR. The incubator provides the MoC 101 guidance to build a solid business platform and take advantage of an e-commerce platform. The intensive crash course consists of six sessions, lasting over a period of two months and taught by Cambodia’s most successful entrepreneurs. 

> PHASE 3. MARKET DAY. Market Day is the celebration of the graduates from the incubator. Each graduate will be promoted locally in a special one day market and will also be showcased internationally on an e-commerce platform designated just for the MOC 101. 

> PHASE 4. FINAL PITCH. During Market Day, the public will help choose the top 10 MOC 101. These top individuals and teams will have the distinct honor of pitching in front of active frontier investors for seed and growth funding. 

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For more information, please contact Mr. Phon Chansak, email:, phone: 017 921 821.