DANIDAThe Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA) is the official development cooperation agency of the Government of Denmark under the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Danish Development Policy focuses upon eradication of poverty and ensuring sustainable development.


It works in select countries referred to as programme / partner countries and provides support to NGOs as well as governmental agencies. DANIDA has been providing aid mostly to Africa in the recent years.Other areas of development include social and economic development, human rights, democratization and good governance, stability, security and the fight against terrorism, refugees, humanitarian assistance and environment. It has also launched the “Strategy for Denmark’s Support to the International Fight against HIV/AIDS. The programs are managed locally through the Danish missions in the countries of implementation.


DANIDA also believes that development research is an integral part of sustainable development and provides grants for organizations. The research aims at providing knowledge for the achievement of the developmental objectives set about by the developmental policies of the Danish Government. The research grant is provided annually through the Consultative Research Committee for Development Research (FFU) for carrying out Master’s or PhD in relevant fields in developing countries.


For applying for development research grants, individuals can visit the Danida Fellowship Centre. For NGO grants, local missions in the countries can be contacted.


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