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Trade Development Support Program (TDSP)

01 Mar 2009

Trade Development Support Program (TDSP) Overview:

The Kingdom of Cambodia has received funding in the amount of US$15.45 million from the Multi Donor Trust Fund (MDTF), (contributed by the European Commission, DANIDA and UNIDO). The fund is managed by the World Bank (WB) as the  “trustee” to support the “Trade Development Support Program (TDSP)”. The development objective of the TDSP is to support the Royal Government of Cambodia’s (RGC)’s strategy to promote Trade Sector Wide Approach (Trade SWAp).


The Trade SWAp combines the activities of many individual donors within three separate pillars:

  • Pillar 1 for cross-cutting reforms
  • Pillar 2 for sectoral initiatives
  • Pillar 3 for capacity building

Many activities that take place within the Trade SWAp overlap with each other and therefore the division between pillars is sometimes arbitrary.


Guidelines have been put together by the Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) to organize the various activities taking place in each of the three Pillars of the Trade SWAp, which guidelines are referred to as the “Pillar Roadmaps”.  


Department of International Cooperation (DICO), the TDSP Coordination Unit, located in the Ministry of Commerce, is responsible for TDSP management and coordination, procurement, finance, reporting and communicating with WB and key stakeholders. DICO also supports and facilitates the implementation with other line ministries and stakeholders.


1. Ministry of Commerce

  • General Directorate of International Trade


  • General Directorate of Trade Promotions

  • Department of Planning, Trade Statistics, and Information

  • Secretariat of National Committee for Intellectual Property Rights/Department of IPR

  • Department of Personnel

  • Department of Multilateral Trade

  • Department of Legal Affairs

  • Department of Notification and Compliance

  • Department of Business Registration

  • Trade Training and Research Institute


2. Ministry of Civil Service

  • Royal School of Administration

3. Council for the Development of Cambodia

4. Cambodia Chamber of Commerce

5. Ministry of Economy and Finance

  • General Department of Customs and Excise

6. Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

  • General Directorate of Agriculture
  • Fisheries Administration


TDSP funded by Multi Donor Trust Fund contributed by the European Commission, DANIDA and UNIDO.

Project Timelines:

The TDSP has started its implementation since March 2009 and to be completed in January 2014; however it has been extended to March 2015. 

There are 26 projects under TDSP such as:

  1. MoC ICT Master Plan
  2. Strengthening Institutional Risk Management
  3. Top Ten Products
  4. Value Chain Information Unit
  5. Export and SME Training
  6. Capacity Building for DTSI
  7. Developing a Stronger National System for IP
  8. Enhancing IP Teaching and Training
  9. Strengthening MoC Core HR Functions
  10. Rules of Origin
  11. Drafting of E-Commerce Law
  12. Reviewing of Commercial Laws
  13. Streamlining and Automation of Business Registration
  14. Trade Training and Research Institute
  15. Development of Trade Curriculum
  16. Implementation Agencies Capacity Building
  17. Raising Awareness on the Law on Investment
  18. Support to the Government-Private Sector Forum
  19. Awareness Program on Customs in Cambodia
  20. Customs Valuation System
  21. GDCE Capacity Enhancement Program
  22. ASYCUDA World System
  23. Strengthening the Capacity of ISC
  24. Development of Standards for Rice
  25. Automation of Phyto-Sanitary Certificates
  26. Better quality and Safety of Fish
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